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PC Cleaning

Only £ 4.99 per unit*

*Unit - computer tower, mouse, keyboard, screen, telephone, table

We want to keep this planet clean and green.

Let's start from your office.

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Carpet Cleaning

Now Only  £35 per hour*

*Host Cleaning without furniture moving

We want to keep this planet clean and green.

Let's start from your office.
We want to keep this planet clean and green.

Let's start from your office.


Steam Cleaning meets your high demands for hygiene and thoroughness. But most importantly you can use natural and environmentally friendly steam to keep your environment clean as a whistle – without having to rely on chemicals. The advantages are obvious. Microscopic steam particles penetrate the smallest of pores, dissolving even the most stubborn dirt. After all the idea is to achieve the best cleaning results in as little time and with as little effort as possible.
Get to know about the principle of steam cleaning. Those who know more can act more responsibly. For the sake of our environment and the health.


The secret of steam cleaning is based on a simple principle: the powerful combination of pressure, speed and temperature. You benefit from the powerful cleaning effect, which is so strong that it easily eliminates even the most stubborn dirt. Microscopic steam particles also do an amazing job of penetrating the even the most difficult-to-reach cracks and recesses to thoroughly dissolve dirt particles. Without using chemical cleaning agents. This helps protect the environment as well as your wallet.

Steam reliably and effectively removes stubborn dirt from the smallest pores in areas that no scrubber can reach.

Steam cleaning


Pressure and speed

Steam is generated in the steam cleaner under 2.3 bar of pressure (approximately the pressure at which a cork flies out of a champagne bottle). This makes the steam exit the nozzle at a speed of approx. 170 km/h. The effect: Dirt is effectively removed by the powerful blast of steam.

The temperature of the steam is about 100 °C when it comes out of the nozzle. It then cools down, but it still heats the dirt on surfaces much more than the surface itself. The temperature difference makes the dirt expand more than the surface, which causes it to dislodge almost as if by itself. You can increase the dissolving power of the steam by additionally using cleaning cloths or special brushes.